About us and our mission, vision and values


OCTEVAW is an incorporated, non-profit, non-partisan organization composed of a network of member organizations and individuals located within the City of Ottawa and surrounding regions. Our members include women abuse and rape crisis agencies, victim services, child protection services, hospital and police representatives, the crown, probation and parole, health and counselling services, academic researchers and other concerned community members.
In pursuing this goal, OCTEVAW:

  1. advocates and promotes advocacy on VAW issues by taking action to influence legislation, attitudes and practices in public institutions;;
  2. educates the public and raises awareness about the issue of VAW;
  3. promotes development of and adherence to high standards of effective service for women and their children who experience abuse through knowledge sharing;
  4. encourages and assists with the development of organizations also concerned with ending VAW by providing a forum for exchange, education and collective action;;
  5. promotes communication and cooperation among public, private and non-profit organizations and individuals in the community who share these goals;
  6. freely exchanges information about violence against women with member organizations and individuals.

What OCTEVAW does not do:

  • Provide counselling, legal or other assistance to individual victims of abuse
  • Assist individuals in pursuing claims or disputes with its member organizations


OCTEVAW is a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to ending violence against women and, through leadership, education, advocacy and political action, to promoting a coordinated response to women and their children who have experienced abuse.


OCTEVAW aspires to a future in which:

  • no woman in our community need fear for her safety and well-being, or that of her children;
  • respect for the inherent worth and dignity of all women is reflected in our public institutions;
  • all members of the community are united in supporting efforts to ensure a permanent end to violence and abuse of women and their children in Ottawa.


In working collaboratively to achieve equality of rights, fair access to services and resources, and social justice for women and their children who have experienced abuse, OCTEVAW adheres to feminist, anti-racist, anti-oppression and pro-choice principles, and is committed to celebrating diversity, inclusiveness and the dignity of all women and their children.