Protest Against National Gallery Hosting Jordan Peterson

This Event Page is a space dedicated to organizing a peaceful protest. The protest aims to call into question the decision made by the National Gallery of Canada to host a conversation with Jordan Peterson and to demonstrate our opposition to the use of federal funding in a public cultural institution. 

This is not a space to debate the views of Jordan Peterson. We are deeply familiar with his position and those views and debates can easily be accessed elsewhere online having received ample energy and attention. Should the National Gallery of Canada wish to engage in a conversation on the topic of allocating public funding to supporting and promoting a known transphobe, we invite their official spokespeople. 

In the interest of keeping this space safe and welcoming and focused on love and solidarity, any attempts to derail the primary function of this page will be removed. 

This is not an attack on free speech just a strategy to keep this page on topic and brimming with love. We encourage anyone who wants to debate or make suggestions on how to otherwise create productive dialogue to moderate their own event page and invite whomsoever they wish to engage in dialogue.

Everyone is invited attend next Thursday as we draw critical attention to a poor decision being made by a public institution.
The National Art Gallery of Canada has decided to host Jordan Peterson, a bigotted transphobic pyschology professor at University of Toronto, to host a discussion on "the pyschology of creativity". He has refused to use gender neutral pronouns, has discreditted transgender identities over and over, has denounced Black Lives Matter as an 'unnecessary movement', and is extremely Islamophobic. If you think this is pretty fricked up, join us in protesting at the gallery before his talk.

It's unacceptable for a national institution to support someone with these views and ideologies. Trans people, especially Black and Muslim trans people, deserve to occupy space and to feel safe and accepted doing so.

Our pronouns are not optional. 
Our pronouns are not preferred.
Our pronouns are mandatory.

If you can't make this event but still want to have your voice heard:
Facebook: National Gallery of Canada
Twitter: @gallerydotca
By phone in Ottawa: 613-990-1985
Toll free: 1-800-319-ARTS (2787)
Twitter account for Marc Mayer, director and CEO of the NGC: @marc_mayer
Sign the petition:

Facebook event page:

Mar 9, 2017
National Art Gallery of Canada, 380 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 9N4