Whatever, it's the holidays

Ummmmmm yup!!! 
It's happening again!

Gifts and stocking stuffers by local celebrity craft girls Emm Ruffle and Sage Hartly (no way!)

We are releasing a brand new sweet and savoury menu just in time for the holidays. 
You will literally never see some of this stuff again, don't miss out!!! K?

We will be running a macaron competition with Kitty Kate Confections, winner takes all.

Raw, pressed, nut based eggnog by everyone's crush Renew Cold Press

Mad Faux Cheese is making the world's greatest cheese plates! Eeeeep!

And obvioooooously Oat and Mill does it again. Holiday Ice creams that will change your life. Actually. It's too much!!! 

Everyone is welcomed,
All ages!

Okay can't wait to see you all,
Stay tuned!!!!


Dec 9, 2017
7pm - 9pm
Little Jo Berry's 1305 Wellington St W, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 3B1