About us and our mission, vision and values


The Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW) is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of organizations and individuals in the City of Ottawa and surrounding regions. Our members and partners include women abuse and rape crisis agencies; victim services; child protection services; representatives of area hospitals; representatives of the justice system, including the police, the Crown, and probation and parole services; health and counselling services; academic researchers; and other concerned community members.

OCTEVAW plays a vital coordinating role in addressing violence against women and their children (VAW) and gender-based violence (GBV). We do so by bridging the gaps between front-line service providers, policy makers, and the justice system, working collaboratively to address problems, developing tools and educational programs and serving the community through political action and advocacy. We focus our efforts in three key areas:

  • Prevention of violence against women and gender-based violence —engaging with individuals and public institutions across the community to share best practices, and support community-wide prevention efforts.
  • Public education and movement building—challenging the cultural norms that perpetuate VAW and GBV and isolate survivors;
  • Amplifying front-line voices—giving voice to those who work with survivors of violence to ensure that their expertise informs public policy and contributes to legislative reform.


What OCTEVAW does not do:

  • Provide counselling, legal or other assistance to individual victims of abuse
  • Assist individuals in pursuing claims or disputes with its member organizations


OCTEVAW unites organizations and individuals in Ottawa and the surrounding region to end gender-based violence and abuse, including violence and abuse against women and children.


OCTEVAW aspires to a future in which:

  • All members of the community, including individuals, organizations, policy makers, and the legal system are united in efforts to ensure a permanent end to all gender-based violence, including violence and abuse against women and children.
  • Respect for the inherent worth and dignity of women, trans and gender-variant individuals is reflected in our public institutions.
  • Women, trans and gender-variant individuals are able to live violence-free lives rooted in autonomy and self-determination.


OCTEVAW works collaboratively with members and stakeholders in accordance with feminist, anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and pro-choice principles. We recognize the intersectionality and interlocking of oppressions and seek to address these realities in our work. We are committed to the struggle for social justice for all individuals who are marginalized and oppressed, and to advancing the cause of decolonization, reproductive rights, and disability, queer and trans justice.