Consent cannot be provided when

Consent cannot be provided under the following conditions:

  • Where the person is incapable of consenting
  • Where the person used words or conduct toindicate “no”
  • Where the person  has changed her mind
  • Where someone other than the individual gave consent
  • Where there was an abuse of trust or authority.


  • Just going along with it is NOT consent!
  • Manufactured consent is NOT consent!
  • Being drunk is NOT an excuse!
  • At any time anyone can revoke consent!

Before becoming sexual make sure to communicate!  Communication is for finding out your partner`s desires, preferences, and boundaries. Never assume! Your partner, `just going along with it` is not consent.  Ask if this or that is okay. If` it is not okay for your partner you must respect that. Do not exert power or pressure over someone else, exert power over yourself.