Volunteering with OCTEVAW's Board of Directors

The Purpose of the Board

Directors are responsible for representing the interests of the organization. When directing the
affairs of an organization, the board must act within the law. As a trustee, a board member must
follow three basic principles:
• Diligence. Act reasonably and in good faith. Consider the best interest of the
organization and its members.
• Loyalty. Place the interest of the organization first. Don’t use your position to further
your personal interests.
• Obedience. Act within the scope of the law. Follow the rules and regulations that apply
to the organization.

The Purpose of Sub- Committee Volunteers

The purpose of sub-committee volunteers is to support the Director in implementing that
portfolio’s action plan to meet overall strategic plan objectives. By becoming involved at the
sub-committee level, volunteers will support OCTEVAW in fulfilling its mandates in a more
effective and timely manner. As well, volunteers will have the opportunity to give back to this
community. This includes the possibility of exploring joining a Board position in the future as part of OCTEVAW’s overall
succession planning.

How Sub-Committees Work
Once you are sitting as a sub-committee member, the Director of that portfolio can hold
monthly meetings to task volunteers with projects as they pertain to their action plan.

What Does a Volunteer Do?

• Attends monthly meetings/teleconferences.
• Supports the Director in implementing their action plan.
• Represents OCTEVAW at certain events.
• Look to the specific Board of Director job description

How to Sign Up

Complete the application form. You will be contacted by OCTEVAW’s Director, Volunteer
Management or delegate to discuss your interests and assign you to a sub-committee as
identified in your application. To become a volunteer, individuals must be able to work within a
feminist, anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework.

If you are interested in volunteering with OCTEVAW, please read our Volunteer Information Kit for more information, and fill out the form below.